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Friday evening, I had the opportunity to visit in the home of our national correspondents, Trennis and Pam Henderson. Currently their home is parked in Lewisville, Texas. In 2018, they retired early and sold their 2,300 square home and moved into a 200 square feet RV. They travel across the United States telling stories of lives transformed through the ministries of WMU. I thought you would enjoy hearing from them.


Why did you want to set out in this journey?

Trennis: My primary motivation was to get back to the roots of my initial call to Christian journalism years ago – to produce missions and ministry coverage that hopefully is compelling and challenges readers to examine and pursue their own spiritual callings.

Pam: We felt a sense of call to the work and details continued to fall into place as we sought to follow God’s will. It’s fulfilling to be a part of sharing how God is active in the work of WMU ministries.


Trennis - how did your Mom’s involvement in WMU influence you?

My mom had a lifelong commitment to missions and WMU work on the associational and local church levels. I still have vivid memories of attending WMU associational meetings as a preschooler with Mom while my older siblings were at school. Missions interest and involvement always were a significant part of our family's life. Before Mom transitioned to Heaven last year at age 94, I had the privilege to share with her about our correspondent partnership with WMU. Her response was, "You know, WMU always has been special to me." I replied, "I know, Mom. That's one of the reasons we are doing what we're doing."

How have you each stretched and grown during this process?

Pam: I think of Paul in Philippians 4 when he describes being content with little. In our little RV, there’s not room for “much” so the minimalism is changing the way I look at “things.”

I’ve also learned a new, more advanced program to edit and produce videos which was challenging at first but I’m seeing progress.

Trennis: Flexibility is one of the key traits of our journey. Adjusting to whatever a day brings definitely stretches us as we experience new settings, opportunities and challenges along the way.


What have been some of your favorite moments?

Trennis: Getting to sit down with dedicated missionaries and volunteers and invite them to share their ministry journey always is a highlight. Typically, my favorite story is whichever one we are covering at the moment. 

Pam: I agree with Trennis. It’s awe-inspiring to hear people describe how God is at work in their ministry.

Are there any favorite quotes?

We have heard so many inspiring quotes during our interviews that it’s difficult to narrow it down to one or two. Here is a brief sampling of meaningful insights:

Kay Bennett, executive director of Baptist Friendship House of New Orleans: “What keeps me motivated is the fulfillment of watching God work miracles in people’s lives.”

Melissa Miller, co-director of Girls Camp at Farmington, Maine: “What we see around us is only a little bit of what God is really doing. We realize that God often uses little things in little places to make a big impact.”

Rosalie Hunt, retired international missionary, author and GA leader at First Baptist, Guntersville, Alabama: “I so much want these girls to have a world heart, a world view and know that America is not the center of the universe and that they can be part of God’s plan.”

Kerri Johnson, director of Graffiti 2 Works in New York City’s South Bronx: “We aren’t doing anything that anyone else can’t do anywhere else in the world. We are trying to just focus on loving people.” 

What advice would you give people intent on following God’s call no matter what?

Pam: A scripture that inspired me as were to trying to decipher God’s call was Genesis 12:1, “Now the Lord said to Abram, ‘Go forth… to the land which I will show you.’”

And from Romans 4:21, “…and being fully assured that what He had promised, He was able to perform.”

How can people follow you?  

Folks can follow our Facebook page: @TrenPamComm. For those who would like to receive our quarterly email newsletter update, message us on Facebook with your email address.


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