I Can’t Do It All

How many times do we try to do it all when we take on a leadership role? One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I can’t do it all. So if I can’t do it all, what can I do to accomplish what I would like to as a leader?

Delegate. When I ask others to serve with me or give them a portion of an assignment, it frees me up to focus on other parts of my leadership role. The most important thing is when I give someone else a responsibility I have to leave it with her and trust her to do it. I have to show the person that I believe in her and her way of doing it. If I go back and try to fix what she did or take the task back once I’ve delegated it, then I have failed. That shows I really did not want to delegate at all. Saying I’m going to delegate and then actually doing it and assigning someone the task is not always easy but something I’ve learned over the years. And it’s perfectly okay if she doesn’t do it exactly the way I would do it!

It is important to delegate. It increases ownership in whatever you are planning. For example, if you are the leader of a Women on Mission® group and you ask others to take on an assignment related to an upcoming meeting, then you have created ownership. They feel as if the meeting is “ours” instead of “mine.”

I have found that when I do everything myself, I’m the most excited about whatever it is. But if I involve others, that multiplies the interest and excitement in the meeting, retreat, or whatever event we are having. Multiplying ourselves pays off in huge dividends—it makes our workload easier as the leader and creates a team who is “on board” with us and excited about using their gifts and abilities in ministry.

Along the way, you may find that you also have developed another leader!

Margaret Harding is associate for adults, North Carolina WMU.

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