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June 2019 Ideas

June: Idol Hands

Share this entry from a recent Pace* family newsletter with children in conjunction with any June 2019 Week 2 or Week 3 activity.

Roads were destroyed. Traffic was backed up for hours. Bands played. Dancers danced in the street. Loud speeches filled the air. Firecrackers exploded in all directions. Thousands of people filled the streets. The police were never informed of this great phenomenon that had entered the city. It created utter chaos. This was the scene outside the kitchen door of our apartment. What in the world was causing all this commotion? Something utterly heart-wrenching!

There was a 1.6 million-pound idol coming down the street just outside our kitchen door. It was a god made from the hands of man. It had the unfinished face of a monkey and the body of a man. It was 62 feet tall and 12 feet wide—the largest statue in the world of this particular god.

Let’s put this into perspective. Do you remember the story about King Nebuchadnezzar building a statue of himself? He built it, and everyone was forced to bow down. There were three men who did not bow down and were thrown into the fiery furnace for it. Yet, God saved them. Do you remember that story (Daniel 3)? The statue the king built back in that day was 90 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Literally, we were watching Old Testament times unfold right before our eyes just outside our kitchen door!

It took a 300-wheeled vehicle to transport it. Roads were destroyed in order to get it to its final destination. The final destination was to a local temple in our city. It took many men three months to find a stone big enough to create such a character. The stone they found weighed more than 3 million pounds. It took 30 men to chisel it down to 1.6 million pounds. It was a large, cold, hard piece of rock chiseled by man, to which numerous people will bow down and worship.

Although this was absolutely heart-wrenching to observe, as believers, we rejoice because we serve the Rock, the Cornerstone, the Loving and One True Father, God of gods, King of kings, and Lord of lords, who has compassion, mercy, patience, love, forgiveness, and grace beyond what this world has to offer! 

What we witnessed outside our kitchen door was a horrific sight to see. However, it ignited within us an even deeper passion to do everything we possibly can to share the good news with those who have never heard. We have been given a free gift—God’s one and only Son. How dare we keep it to ourselves when we are literally surrounded by utter darkness and millions still have yet to hear about this amazing free gift that can also be theirs! But how will they know unless we tell? There’s not much time left! Please follow in obedience and go tell the good news!

June: Kho Kho Links

Kho kho is a recommended Experience activity on p. 23 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2019 issue of GA Leader and p. 24 of RA Leader. Find an easy-to-follow, slow-motion tutorial of the chasing game here:

You can also show your group an excerpt from an actual competitive kho kho match:

June: Henna Hands

Children can see actual henna designs used to teach Bible verses and stories at the website:

June: Megacity Graph

Download the "Megacity Graph" for use during the "Megacities Matter!" activity (p. 17 in GA Leader and RA Leader and p. 9 in Children in Action Leader).

June: It's Alive!

Refer to p. 11 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download "It's Alive!" to read or dramatize with your group.

June: Just Our Type

Refer to p. 11 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download "Just Our Type" to complete with your group.

June: What a Garden!

Refer to p. 14 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download "What a Garden!" and invite volunteers to read the questions and answers aloud.

June: Be a Game-ventor!

Refer to p. 15 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download "Be a Game-ventor!" and lead children to brainstorm topics and types of gameboards they could create to communicate a Bible story or the plan of salvation.

June: Hands-On Storytelling

Refer to the June 2019 CA Extras.

Download "Hands-On Storytelling" to read with your group and to draft designs on the blank hand outline.

June: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page to enhance Children in Action meetings in June!

June: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them as a monthly way to encourage their support.


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