A Healthy Leader Tends to Balance Each Day

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Father, I had a letter from my friend today. It was so full of pain, Lord. I wanted to run to her and FIX IT. I wanted to DO SOMETHING! But those actions would only say doing and fixing are the answer, when You are the answer. So, Lord, instead I pray.

She needs to love You as You have called her to love You—with heart, soul, mind, and strength. But she’s weak and she can’t.

Heal her heart. Give her the passion of Your call in a fresh way. Renew her desire to engage with the people outside her door. Let her feel joy today. And help her feel love for her family in a way that doesn’t make her tired.

Heal her soul. Remind her of who You are—Creator, Redeemer, Giver of strength, and Light. Give her a glimpse every day of Your kingdom. Lord, she may need a glimpse every hour, even every half hour, because she’s forgotten. Open her eyes to see the unseen through spiritual eyes. Let her see Your glory!

Heal her mind. She is believing the lies, Lord. And the deceiver knows which lies to feed her: The one that says she’s not good enough. The one that says friends are overlooking her. The one that says she’s alone. When those lies float through her mind, just send them on their way. And if she starts to grab onto one of the lies and live it, please forgive her. Wrench it from her and replace it with Your light and Your truth. Because, Lord, she just can’t do it without You.

Heal her strength. You’ve given us this physical package that’s got to serve us a long time. Remind her today to tend to that. If she reaches for more sugar, help her reach for her tennis shoes instead. And protect her from that which she can’t control—the awful mosquitoes, the illnesses that are looking for ways in. And God, give her good rest. Give her sleep that’s not interrupted by the lies. As she lies down and gets up, remind her again of who You are.

As You grant health for each part of her, help her to love You with all that she is—heart, soul, mind, and strength. As she tends to balance each day, help her love her neighbors. They’re in the same battle, Lord. And today, may she have it together in a way she can serve someone else. And as she does, bless it. Let each act of mercy, each instance of kindness, each gentle word be life-giving. May it bring life to her and to those around her. And when she falls, help her get back up again, because You, Oh Lord, are worthy and she is Yours.

Because of Jesus, I can pray. Amen.

Danette High is an International Mission Board missionary emerita, the editor of Missions Mosaic, and the main presenter of the CWLC course Follower Skills.

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