Prayer Quilt Ministry

Following are more best practices that the women of First Baptist Church in Cherryville, North Carolina, shared with us, in addition to those featured in the March 2011 Missions Mosaic article, "Covered in Prayer."



This ministry can easily be structured to meet at two different times of the day to accommodate anyone wanting to attend. First Baptist Church in Cherryville, North Carolina (where this project originated) chose to have their meetings on Tuesdays. In the morning session, mostly retired women attended and then in the evening, they generally drew in women who worked during the day. They shared that some women came to both sessions. 


Dividing the Work into Teams:

  1. Administrative—takes care of the administrative duties associated with the ministry; including receiving the request forms, making the cards and labels, and arranging for delivery
  2. Fabric prep—washes fabric before it is cut (we use 100% cotton only), presses and irons during the entire process, receives the quilt when sewing is finished, presses and folds into the three sections (The Trinity)
  3. Cutting—cuts the blocks for the quilt top along with the batting, backing, and binding strips
  4. Sewing—sews the blocks together to create the quilt top, sews the binding on by machine and finishes it off sewing by hand
  5. Tying—puts the three layers of the quilt together (layering), selects the color of the floss to be used, ties, and prays

A Learning Experience

Although individuals signed up for a primary team, surprisingly many have branched out and now can be called upon to do many of the tasks associated with making the quilt.


Documenting Along the Way

We have documented the creation of the quilts through photography. Each week pictures are taken at each session to capture work in progress. A mini album for each recipient or recipient’s family is created. The mini album contains not only pictures of the quilt being made but of the recipient receiving his/her quilt and handwritten notes from ministry members. The cover of the album contains the recipients’ favorite Scripture.

This project originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Missions Mosaic.

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