Keep on Truckin’

Life on the road with an 18-wheeler in the United States can be hard. But there are relaxing truck stops along the way and comfortable berths and even satellite TVs in many trucks. Life on the road in West Africa is very different.

Truckers face long delays at border crossings with no facilities. They may sleep on mats by their trucks, cooking over open fires. They sit in the shade of their rigs for hours or days . . . waiting . . . talking . . . waiting. “They are sitting there with nothing to do except hear the gospel,” said Katee Sheppard*, an International Mission Board missionary in Burkina Faso.

So she began sharing oral stories from God’s Word, targeting truck drivers, and from there, training more and more nationals to do the same thing. As trucking routes connect all of Africa, the vision was for those West African truckers who became believers to share the gospel all along their routes. Ordinary truckers have become carriers of the divine message.

Recently teams working with truckers in Lomé, Togo, received some additional training and encouragement. Thirty-five people shared God’s stories with more than 200 people during their training. Sheppard shared, “One of the women in the group came across a driver from Burkina Faso. She began to share with him a story and sensed that this driver was without any hope at all.”

He had been told by members of his religious sect that he had only a certain number of days to live and he was counting the days he had left. “He completely broke down emotionally while she was with him. But little by little, he began to understand God’s love and chose to follow Christ.”

Another member of the group was a pastor who has a weekly radio program in Lomé. Instead of his usual preaching/lecturing style, he chose to tell one of God’s stories on the show that week. He had more calls than ever during his show, asking for more stories.

“While the journey began with the truck drivers, it now encompasses the training of pastors, women, and young adults—all using the method of telling God’s stories.”

*Name changed.

Sharon Neff is living out God’s story in her life in the town of Arcola in the Mississippi Delta.

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