Plan a Day of Prayer for Unreached People

an unreached people group in the southern Philippines

I was recently taking stock of my prayer life, and I became convicted it was an area I needed to grow in. As a child of God, it is a privilege to know the heart of God through prayer. If you are like me, then you may find that too often, your prayers focus on you instead of the billions of people who do not know Christ as Savior. Why not break out of your normal routine by devoting a whole day to prayer for an unreached people group (UPG)?

As your group gears up for an entire day of prayer for people with little to no access to the gospel, do not assume everyone understands what is involved. Prep people beforehand by reminding them of what a UPG is and providing information about how many UPGs and unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPGs) are identified. An important takeaway from the prayer activity should be knowing God’s heart for the unreached. Emphasize why you are praying.

Consider these preparatory steps as you begin:

  1. Adoption—What UPG or UUPG will you adopt? If your church is already partnering with workers serving a UPG, you may want to utilize your previously established connections., Joshua Project, and Operation World are great places to start gathering information about or select the group for whom you will pray.
  2. Location—Choose a space at church or in a home adequate for moving around and setting up prayer stations. Invite group members to sign up for a 1-hour slot to pray.
  3. Stations—To maintain an active prayertime, set up stations that can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes each. Try to keep the total experience to 1 hour. When considering which stations to set up, remember to keep them informative. Look for sources to present the culture, location, and specific needs of the UPG you are praying for. Select elements to engage the 5 senses by researching your UPG. Also use these stations to introduce prayer methods that may not be practiced on a regular basis. Consider incorporating journaling, praying through Scripture, or aspects of praise, confession, and petition for the unreached. Media aspects like prayer videos can be useful in providing visual elements.
  4. Instructions—Either print instructions for moving through the prayer stations for everyone attending or set up directional signs at each station.
  5. Takeaways—Cultivate continuous prayer for the unreached by providing takeaways for those interceding for your selected group. Create or print out prayer cards. Attach a small, inexpensive object representing those you prayed for to remind people of the event and the UPG. Encourage continued prayer for the people you selected as you share with your church about the 24 hours of prayer.

Ena Redding* is preparing to serve among unreached peoples in the Middle East. She is blessed to pray for them and be prayed for.

*Name changed.

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