Missionary Spotlight Update: Seth and Rebecca Pace*

group of South Asian children

When Seth and Rebecca Pace return to South Asia this summer, they will be taking their new baby girl, along with their 4 sons. The Paces are thankful for this sweet and healthy addition to their family and ask prayer for a smooth return to the field. Pray for their boys’ transition and a good start to homeschooling for the family.

The Paces work in a largely unreached field. In their part of South Asia, they are surrounded by both Muslims and Hindus. They and their colleagues seek to partner with South Asians who would be committed coworkers. Ask God to raise up the right people at the right time so that the Paces can learn from them and they can learn from the Paces to effectively evangelize and disciple the lost in their communities.

Life in South Asia is very relational. The lines are blurry between home life and ministry. A friendly conversation with a mother on the playground can lead to her participation in Rebecca’s safety and self-protection classes. Seth’s most important conversations at a training event may take place at break time over a cup of tea. Pray the Paces would be sensitive to God’s Spirit as they discern the difference between normal curiosity and true interest. Ask God to lead them to those He is preparing to know Him more.

Seth and Rebecca Pace are featured in the June 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

*Names changed.

Danette High served many years in South Asia and writes prayerfully about the joys and challenges of serving in one of the most fascinating regions of the world.

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