Missionary Spotlight Update: Mark and Megan Street*

A man and a young child participate in the midday prayer at a mosque

This past year, Mark and Megan Street have been amazed as they’ve watched the Lord put the people from the Sun Land in the minds and on the hearts of believers all over the world. The Lord is bringing the church from many nations together to love and care for those in the Sun Land. The Streets feel as if they are getting to experience a little piece of eternity as they watch the Father raise up pray-ers and laborers from all over the world.

On the other hand, things in the Sun Land are still quite hopeless. Death and destruction continue to reign, while the people sit in spiritual darkness. Pray the people walking in darkness would see a great light. Ask that a light would dawn on those living in the land of deep darkness.

Mark and Megan Street are featured in the April 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

*Names changed.

Brittany Conner lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, 4 children, dog, 2 cats, guinea pig, turtle, and fish.

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