Communicating the Gospel to Women in Mill City

Missionary Sarah Landry has been serving for 6 years in Mill City, better known by most as Lowell, Massachusetts. The city’s nickname comes from its influential place in Industrial Revolution history. Landry works among the city’s college students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and with women of all ages through Mill City Church.

Discipleship is the central part of Landry’s work. “I spend much of my time meeting one-on-one or in small groups, sharing the gospel, and mentoring college students and young women in the local church,” she explained. This requires building relationships with women who might be very different from her. It also requires time. “These relationships are a long-term investment, especially in New England, where it can take time to gain a foothold for the gospel to be heard,” she said.

One example is the relationship she built with Natalie, a student at the university. Natalie had become a Christian at a Young Life camp while in high school but had struggled to understand Scripture and had no one to help her. “Through her first semester connecting to us, she grew in knowledge and understanding of what it looks like to obey Christ with her life, not just her words,” Landry said. During the spring of her freshman year, Natalie was baptized.

Landry strives to communicate God’s Word fully with each woman she disciples. She calls the gospel the “most valuable message we could ever have or hope to share. Communicating the gospel fully, therefore, means graciously, faithfully living every part of our lives for Christ and His gospel, not compartmentalizing the different areas of my world—my church life, work life, family life, etc.”

Pray for her as she continues to disciple and communicate the gospel with women in Massachusetts. Pray she would be “strong in the Lord and the strength of His might.” Also pray she would put on the whole armor of God, stand firm against the enemy’s schemes, pursue the Father’s heart, and declare the gospel boldly and clearly.

Laci Post writes articles and historical fiction from Dallas, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Jason, and her sons, Avery and Elijah.

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