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Workplace or Missions Field? How Your Career Plays into Your Calling

At one point in my life, I wanted to be an international missionary. I loved learning about different cultures, and I couldn’t think of a better career than sharing the gospel with unreached people.

As I grew older, I still felt God’s call to share the gospel, but it was not a call to live overseas. Could I still live a gospel-driven, purposeful life even if I wasn’t an international missionary? The answer is yes!

Regardless of your career, past work experience, or natural skill set, God wants to use your life to further His kingdom. Following are three ways you can use your profession for His glory.


1. Meet tangible needs

Wherever you work, you will encounter people who have real, tangible needs. Look for them, and ask how you can help.

Jesus often met physical needs while teaching about the kingdom of God. Helping others in concrete ways shows we truly care about them, which opens doors to sharing the gospel.

If you work in an office, write a handwritten note to encourage a coworker who has had a difficult week. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, ask your child’s schoolteacher or another teacher in your community if you can help collect school supplies. If you are a student, sit by someone whom others may ignore. No matter where you work, you can show Jesus’ love by meeting needs.


2. Pray for opportunities to have gospel conversations

Many Americans spend more hours per day with their coworkers than anyone else, even their own family. As a result, we often form strong friendships at work, which can pave the way for gospel conversations.

Pray and ask God for opportunities to share your faith. If this seems daunting in a secular environment, try talking about Jesus by sharing your experience. No one can argue with that!

Another way to have a spiritual conversation is asking someone about their beliefs and genuinely listening. It might be a long-term process, but the Holy Spirit will guide you every step.


3. Use your gifts to help a ministry

An easy way to use your skills for God’s kingdom is to partner with an existing ministry. Think outside the box for ways you can serve. It might look like being a financial advisor, managing a social media account, organizing an event, or assembling care packages.

Ask God to show you opportunities to use your workplace or natural abilities to serve others and spread the gospel. You might be surprised how He leads.

Rachel Sinclair is a writer who loves to share stories and help people grow deeper in their walk with Christ. Connect with her at and on Instagram at @rachelsinclairwrites.

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Missions Mosaic.