Preschool Classroom
Missions Discipleship


Crayons, craft sticks, and cardboard tubes. Paint containers, paper bags, and plastic lids. Preschool teachers use a lot of supplies with preschoolers, and we need a place to put all of this stuff. Organize your teaching supplies by using these storage solutions.

De-Clutter the Classroom Cabinet

Do you have a cabinet in your Mission Friends classroom? Make the most of the space you have for storage. Clear out the cabinet and cut out the clutter by getting organized.

    • Place most used items within easy reach.
    • Use a small organizer with drawers to store supplies such as glue sticks and paint brushes.
    • Spin a kitchen turntable at the back of a shelf to find items easier.
    • Store markers in a tote caddy, which can easily be pulled out to place in the art area.
    • Use a stacking letter tray to store paper. Trays that are open on the side make it easy to see the paper colors.
    • Stand books in the cabinet rather than stacking the books. It will be easier to find and access the book you need.

Resource Room Remedies

Whether you have an entire room or simply a closet, a resource room provides a central location for shared supplies and materials.

    • Provide sturdy shelves that are mounted to the wall.
    • Purchase plastic tubs to fit on the shelves. You may need small, medium, and large sizes for different items.
    • Place the items you use infrequently on top shelves that are more out of reach.
    • Place labels on both ends of each tub so a content label is visible no matter which end is facing out.
    • Use a file cabinet for storing pictures or Mission Friends Leader Kit items that can be used again.
    • Store books and puzzles to allow you to rotate these in the classrooms.
    • Write the name of the puzzle on the edge in permanent marker to make it easy to see from the side.
    • Store reusable items such as paper towel cardboard tubes, empty oatmeal canisters, and margarine tubs.
    • Color code labels for art, homeliving, nature, block accessories, and music. Store tubs for each interest area together on the shelves.
    • Use a laundry basket to store balls.

Take some time to clean out and refresh your classroom storage. Taking a little time to organize makes it easier to see the supplies, know what you have available, and replenish when needed. Make the most of the storage space for all of your preschool supplies.