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Steven and Kathy Sheldon’s Ministry Highlights WMU as Pillar of Missions

WAYNESBORO, PA—It may be challenging to find any ministry couple in Pennsylvania more committed to the role of Woman’s Missionary Union in missions support and discipleship than Kathy and Steve Sheldon.

For the past 35-plus years, the Sheldons have invested their lives in families, churches and communities in their home state of Pennsylvania. Much of their ministry focus has revolved around engaging their churches and associations in missions on the local, state, national and international levels – and the primary missions tool they have utilized is involvement in WMU missions discipleship programs.

“One of the things I found very early in my pastoral ministry was one of, if not the deepest foundation in Southern Baptist churches, is missions – and the pillar of that missions is WMU,” Steve emphasized. “I knew if I was going to have a strong mission church that reached its community and reached the world, we needed to work through WMU organizations. That was very pivotal for all the churches we’ve been a part of.”

“Every church that we have served in has had WMU or I’ve introduced it to them,” Kathy noted. “It’s really been important to me and to Steve because it’s a way to introduce missions to every age group, and through that, our future missionaries.

“I just think this is a wonderful way for them to be introduced to what is already happening and what their opportunities are, either locally or internationally,” she added. “There’s just so many different situations that they could be involved in. In the churches, we’ve tried to do that as far as mission trips, as far as mission projects locally and to involve every age group. I think that’s a big factor in WMU.”

Unwavering focus on missions

Steve and Kathy Sheldon
Steve and Kathy Sheldon have ministered for more than 35 years in their home state of Pennsylvania. “I knew if I was going to have a strong mission church that reached its community and reached the world, we needed to work through WMU organizations,” Steve emphasizes. “That was very pivotal for all the churches we’ve been a part of.” (WMU photo by Pam Henderson)

The Sheldons’ strong commitment to missions and all things WMU started early in their ministry journey. After being stationed in San Diego while Steve was in the U.S. Navy and then serving in churches in Kentucky while he was studying at Campbellsville College (now University) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Sheldons returned to their home state in 1984 “and have been serving in Pennsylvania ever since,” Kathy said.

During that time, she served 11 years as president of Pennsylvania/South Jersey WMU while Steve served as a pastor and director of missions, including 23 years as pastor of Bux-Mont Baptist Church in Hatboro, Pa., in suburban Philadelphia. He recently retired as pastor of Wrightsdale Baptist Church in Peach Bottom, Pa., and they moved back to their hometown of Waynesboro.

“We’ve always encouraged the WMU organizations across the spectrum of ages,” Steve said. “Some of the churches didn’t have them but Kathy was real good at introducing those. That’s been foundational to our ministry – the mission organizations – because that’s where we train our missionaries.”

Promoting missions involvement for all ages, ranging from Missions Friends, Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors and Acteens to Women on Mission, Kathy explained, “The biggest challenge is educating no matter what the age is – educating about our special offerings, about the ones who have come before us and all that WMU involves.”

During her years as state convention WMU president, Kathy drew on the resources and experiences she gained as a member of National WMU’s Executive Board. “As I served with National WMU, I wanted to bring back to the state everything that I learned at our board meetings,” she said. “As new products or new opportunities were introduced, that is what we would bring back and share.”

As a result of those efforts, she added, “I feel like it has introduced more churches to WMU but our challenge is endless … because of the changeover with pastors in churches. Even though we’ve worked with some pastors, if that’s not the new pastor’s focus then he needs to know and be introduced to” ways that WMU can help strengthen a local congregation’s missions involvement and support.

Eye-opening missions experience

Wrightsdale Baptist Church
Steve and Kathy Sheldon served eight years at Wrightsdale Baptist Church in Peach Bottom, Pa., before he retired last year as pastor. In each of their ministry settings, “we’ve always encouraged the WMU organizations across the spectrum of ages,” Steve explains. “That’s been foundational to our ministry.” (WMU photo by Pam Henderson)

For Steve and Kathy, that involvement has led to missions opportunities from Kazakhstan to Chile.  “The very first mission trip we went to was to Kazakhstan in the Soviet Union with 300 other individuals from across the United States,” Kathy recalled. “It was a two-week experience and it was eye-opening and very heartfelt when you realize how very blessed we are.”

Steve emphasized that their commitment to supporting and promoting the work of WMU “really is a mission mindset.”

With Kathy frequently taking the lead in urging missions engagement on the local church level, “she wound up the WMU director in every church we served,” Steve reflected. “As far as missions was concerned, we would never say no. If an opportunity came, we were going to find a way to do it and we worked together on that because that was our byword: ‘Never say no. Let’s do it.’”

Encouraging other congregations to actively pursue a mission mindset fueled by WMU involvement and resources, he concluded, “You can deepen the commitment of your people by the mission organizations, by being a part of your local, state, national and international missions. The stronger we can be at home with missions, the better our mission globally is.”

By Trennis Henderson, WMU National Correspondent