March 2023 Preschool article Inviting Preschoolers
Missions Discipleship

Inviting Preschoolers to Mission Friends

It is no secret that our world is changing so rapidly that it can be a struggle to know what is best in this digital age.

The good news is that teaching preschoolers has remained unchanged. Play-based learning is valued, and Mission Friends remains dedicated to using developmentally appropriate hands-on activities to teach preschoolers about missions and missionaries around the world.

But even with all the fun going on in our Mission Friends classrooms, that does not mean technology is useless.

    • A photo slideshow may be the perfect way to bring a missions area to life.
    • A short video clip may perfectly illustrate a cultural tradition or language.
    • Social media can be a wonderful way to spread the news of Mission Friends and invite preschoolers to come and join in on the fun.

According to the Pew Research Center, over 70 percent of Americans use social media to stay in touch and stay informed. Social media has become a popular strategy for advertising upcoming events. Facebook has an easy-to-use events interface which allows users to enter event details, invite people, and share it as publicly as desired.

As churches seek ways to reach new audiences, consider using an advertising outlet with a large audience like Facebook. To do this, all you need is a computer, tablet, or phone and a Facebook account.


How to create a Facebook event:

    1. Be sure to follow your church’s guidelines for using social media.


    1. Open Facebook. Look for the Menu. On a computer, the menu is on the left side. On the mobile app, the menu button can be found on the bottom right.


    1. Click on Events. On a computer, click on + Create new events. On the mobile app, click on the + at the top, which will allow you to create an event.


    1. Choose whether your Mission Friends group will meet online or in person.


    1. Enter the name of your event, the start date, and the time, and then choose how public or private you want this event advertisement to be. Once you choose your privacy setting, click on Next.

      If you want to invite new preschoolers who do not regularly attend your church, consider making your event public.

      If your intention is informing church families of the event, consider making your event private. Only invite the people you select or make it a group event if your church has its own Facebook group.


    1. On the next screen, enter the name and location of your church. Click on Next.


    1. On the next screen, enter a description of Mission Friends so parents and preschoolers will know what to expect. Click on Next.


    1. On the next screen, upload a photo. If you are planning a private event, follow the prompts for inviting specific people.


    1. Click on Create event.


Once your event is created, people can select if they are interested in going or definitely going, and news of Mission Friends can spread!

by Bethany Davenport