How to Lead Preschool Missions Discipleship

Do you need some tips and ideas for leading missions discipleship for preschoolers? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The resources, tips, and planning guides on this page will help you start and lead preschool missions discipleship in your church.

The resource materials are provided as downloadable files (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) that you can simply view on screen or download to your device to use or print.

Why Missions Discipleship?

WMU’s unwavering focus is making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

Why? Because we believe that every Christian is to live out the mandate of the Great Commission, to live “on mission,” to share the goods news of Jesus Christ with all people.

WMU’s missions discipleship resources provide your church with biblically-sound learning opportunities and meaningful missions experiences for all age levels.

Unfolding the Bible's Mission Story

God’s heart is for all people to know Him and worship Him. This video explores how the story of missions unfolds throughout the Bible.

Missional Characteristics for Preschoolers

Through missions discipleship, preschoolers engage in growth experiences that help them develop the four characteristics of a missional disciple: 

  • Learn about missions
  • Pray for missions
  • Support missions
  • Do missions and tell about Jesus

The following video explains how these missional characteristics apply to preschoolers.

To learn more about what, why, and how WMU supports churches in making disciples of Jesus who live on mission, visit the About WMU page.

Teaching Preschoolers

The years of birth through kindergarten are exciting as preschoolers begin learning about the world around them. 

Through missions discipleship, preschoolers come to know about God’s love for all people. 

Understanding ways preschoolers learn and their learning styles, and knowing how to manage their behavior can help a leader be more intentional about helping preschoolers experience every aspect of missions discipleship.

Ways Preschoolers Learn (PDF)

Discover the ways preschoolers come to understand the world around them.

Learning Styles of Preschoolers (PDF)

Identify four learning styles in preschoolers.

Behavior Management (PDF)

Learn ways to promote positive behavior and to address behavior concerns.

Addressing Preschoolers with Special Needs (PDF)

Follow these general guidelines to include preschoolers with special needs in your Mission Friends.

Missions Discipleship for Preschool Groups

Mission Friends is the WMU missions discipleship group for preschoolers. Mission Friends is offered for girls and boys together as a coed group in the church.

Mission Friends

Getting Started with Mission Friends

What Is Mission Friends? (PDF)

Learn the purposes of Mission Friends. As we seek to lead preschoolers, plan the age groupings of preschoolers based on the needs in your church.

How to Start Mission Friends (PDF)

Starting Mission Friends in your church just takes a few simple steps.

Mission Friends Resources (PDF)

Provide fun missions activities and tell the mission stories to preschoolers with our resources. The basic resources for Mission Friends leaders are described, along with ordering information.

Try a Sample of the Preschool Curriculum

Get started right now with our free downloadable starter pack. The Mission Friends starter pack includes general information and sample curriculum materials. Click here to get your Mission Friends starter pack.

Leading a Mission Friends Group

Mission Friends Leader Responsibilities (PDF)

What does a Mission Friends leader do? Here’s a list of the overall responsibilities of a Mission Friends leader.

Mission Friends Leadership Structure and Child/Leader Ratio (PDF)

Following the recommended child to leader ratio for preschool groups is vital for safety and security and for ensuring the quality of learning experiences preschoolers will have in Mission Friends. This chart outlines the general recommendations. If your church has more than one Mission Friends group, consider having a leader who coordinates the overall plans for the groups.

When and Where Mission Friends Meet (PDF)

Find ideas for times Mission Friends can take place in your church’s schedule and options to consider for meeting places.

Checklist for Planning a Mission Friends Session (PDF)

Use this checklist as a help in planning your Mission Friends sessions.

What Happens in a Mission Friends Session? (PDF)

Preschoolers learn through activities and Group Time in a session. Find a basic session schedule and ways to adjust the schedule for your needs.

Mission Friends Learning Components

In this video, you will discover the two teaching and learning components used each month in Mission Friends: Missions Area and Christian Concept Area.

Preschool Christian Concept Areas (PDF)

Refer to this chart as an overview of the truths preschoolers learn about the nine concept areas which are the basis for faith development in Mission Friends.

Mission Friends Helping Others Activities (PDF)

Involve preschoolers in doing missions through Helping Others activities.