Addressing Project HELP in Preschool Missions Discipleship

What Is Project HELP?

Project HELP is an initiative of WMU that identifies a critical issue and seeks to raise the level of awareness of that issue and provide practical approaches anyone can implement to open the door for meeting needs and sharing the gospel.

Since the launch of Project HELP in 1994, WMU has focused on a variety of critical issues including hunger, poverty, human exploitation, PTSD, refugees, and mental health.

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Addressing Project HELP in Preschool Missions Discipleship

People of all ages are affected by the critical issues addressed by Project HELP. And people of all ages can — in age-appropriate ways — learn about these topics and meet the needs of those impacted while opening doors to share the love of Christ.

In preschool missions discipleship, the Project HELP emphasis is often geared more toward helping preschool leaders meet the needs of preschoolers and their families who are experiencing the issues. And also helps leaders know how to talk with preschoolers about the topics in appropriate ways.

Below is information about addressing the current Project HELP emphasis in preschool missions discipleship.

Project HELP: Mental Health for Preschool

Through Project HELP: Mental Health, WMU seeks to raise awareness of this critical issue and encourage churches and individuals to respond to and support those who are experiencing mental health challenges.

For the preschool age level, the efforts of WMU focus on helping preschool leaders understand more about mental health issues, particularly as they relate to preschoolers and their families. Preschool leaders in the church are in a unique position to be an influence in supporting the growth of preschoolers’ mental health.

What Can We Do?

As we teach preschoolers at church, we can foster positive mental health in our little ones. We can explore the influences on preschoolers’ mental health and help them grow socially and emotionally.

WMU offers blogs on ways we can promote positive mental health and wellness in preschoolers. Links to the blogs are listed below.

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Disclaimer: The information shared on is not meant to diagnose or treat a mental health condition. We encourage you to follow up with your health-care provider and seek a mental health professional for individual consultation and care.