How to Lead Churchwide Missions Discipleship

Missions discipleship in the church provides opportunities for everyone — preschoolers through adults — to be involved in missions. 

Churches that provide missions discipleship encourage people to grow in their faith as they learn about missions, pray for missions, support missions, and do missions and tell about Jesus.

Why Missions Discipleship?

WMU’s unwavering focus is making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

Why? Because we believe that every Christian is to live out the mandate of the Great Commission, to live “on mission,” to share the goods news of Jesus Christ with all people.

WMU’s missions discipleship resources provide your church with biblically-sound learning opportunities and meaningful missions experiences for all age levels.

Unfolding the Bible’s Mission Story

God’s heart is for all people to know Him and worship Him. This video explores how the story of missions unfolds throughout the Bible.

Missional Characteristics

Through missions discipleship, people in your church can engage in growth experiences that help them develop the four characteristics of a missional disciple: 

  • Learn about missions
  • Pray for missions
  • Support missions
  • Do missions and tell about Jesus

View the video to learn about the characteristics that guide the work of WMU in the church.

To learn more about what, why, and how WMU supports churches in making disciples of Jesus who live on mission, visit the About WMU page.

Churchwide Missions

Getting Started with Churchwide Missions Discipleship

How to Start Missions Discipleship in the Church (PDF)

Encourage people in your church to grow in missions discipleship by starting WMU.

Churchwide Missions Discipleship Resources (PDF)

These resources will help you provide churchwide opportunities for missions awareness and involvement.

Leading Churchwide WMU

Churchwide WMU Leaders and Responsibilities (PDF)

The leadership structure for churchwide WMU varies according to the needs of your church. Find suggestions for a basic approach and ways to expand leadership in this document.

Churchwide WMU Leadership Team (PDF)

The church WMU director works with others on the WMU leadership team to coordinate the activities of WMU in the church.

Planning for WMU Churchwide Activities (PDF)

Effective planning ensures people will be involved in missions discipleship through churchwide missions activities. For churchwide missions activities and experiences, there are two different types of planning that take place: overarching yearly plans and specific activity plans. Learn the importance of both.

Tips for Planning Churchwide WMU Activities (PDF)

Suggestions for planning churchwide WMU events and activities.

Overview of Churchwide Missions Experiences and Activities (PDF)

WMU in the church may include a variety of events, activities, or on-going missions groups. Get started with these suggestions for churchwide activities.