How to Attach Badges and Patches Using Adhesive Backing

Here’s your step-by-step guide and video tutorial to attach your new badge/patch to a vest or sash. No ironing needed!


    1. Prewash the garment without a fabric softener, and dry completely. For best results, apply backing to dry items (not wet or damp).
    2. Bend to open the paper tab, and peel off one half of the liner only.
    3. Carefully line up the nonadhesive half with the badge or patch shape. Reposition as needed.
    4. Place and press the adhesive half matching the badge or patch shape.
    5. Next, peel off paper backing on the other half. Place and press to complete.
    6. Bend and peel off one half of the paper liner on the other side. Fold over for removal later.
    7. Carefully line up the badge or patch to the desired item placement using the nonadhesive half. Take your time, and make sure to get it straight.
    8. Trim the backing to fit the badge or patch as needed.
    9. Remove the other half of the liner, and press to complete the process.
    10. Turn the garment inside out. Rub the back of the badge or patch using the edge of a metal spoon. Press hard with your thumb and work it over. You want to create a tight seal from edge to edge.
    11. Good work! Your badge or patch is secure enough to take home.
    12. It is important to put the garment into a clothes dryer for 15 minutes; tumble dry on low heat.
    13. Promptly remove the garment from the dryer, and rub the back of the badge or patch again. This step cures the adhesive. No ironing or sewing required. Once cured, your badge or patch will be attached for a long time.
    14. Do not pick at the badge or patch or wash the garment for 48 hours.
    15. When you do wash the garment, use cold or warm water only and tumble dry low or medium only. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. DO NOT BLEACH.

Download a printable version of instructions here.


Why do some badges/patches in my order have the backing and some don’t?

Because we already have thousands of badges/patches in stock, it will take some time to go through and add the adhesive stickers to every badge/patch. We are also experiencing some delays because of the nature of manufacturing and shipping right now, but we are prayerful those will all subside very soon.

What if I like to iron on badges/patches?

You can still iron on badges/patches. You do not have to use the new adhesive option.