Making Bible Stories Come Alive

The girls and I walked into the small, empty chapel. “Let’s sit up front,” I said. I led the way, and we took our seats. I smiled, taking in my surroundings—my teenage daughters were with me at a women’s retreat. I’d just signed them up, without their permission, and they hadn’t given me any flack over it.

Through the stories of David and Goliath and the prodigal son, the speaker shared about leaving an abusive relationship and going home. Her parents had moved to Texas, and she didn’t even know their city or address. After driving through several states and passing the Texas border, she stopped and made a phone call.

When her father answered the phone, she began to cry, unable to say anything. Recognizing his daughter’s voice through her tears, he spoke her name. Giving her directions, he even shared which Texas mile marker to exit at. When she exited the interstate, she saw her father standing on the corner, waiting for her and signaling the way home. He embraced her.

As tears streaked my face, I watched my daughters’ expressions, full of awe. The story of the prodigal son would never be the same for them.

Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at

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