OTJ Nov 2022 What Took You So Long
On the Journey

What Took You So Long?

Last month, I started a story provided by former missionary kid Anne Lucas, who grew up in Nigeria. Let’s find out what happened when her father and a pastor arrived by motorcycle in a remote village.

Children ran screaming and dogs were barking. No one had ever seen a motorcycle or a white man. As villagers peeked out from their huts and nearby trees, the pastor identified someone who could speak a familiar dialect. The pastor explained they had an exciting story to share.

Daddy began playing his accordion. The pastor started clapping his hands, and they launched into singing. Then through a translator, Daddy began telling the simple, powerful story of God’s love through Jesus. As Daddy spoke, he noticed an elderly woman sitting on the ground. Her facial expressions and body language showed she was not happy with what he was telling them.

As Daddy finished sharing, he told the people he would be glad to tell them more stories from the Bible. The elderly woman motioned for men from the village to help her up. She dusted off her threadbare skirt and slowly made her way toward Daddy.

The woman got very close to Daddy’s face and pointed her finger at him. She was obviously angry. With great emotion, she said, “I have been the priestess of this village most of my life. My family have been priests and priestesses for many generations. I go from village to village searching for any new god to be sure my family and village are worshipping the right gods. I have always known in my heart there had to be a God who loves us. Look at these flowers and the birth of a baby. They have to be from something beautiful. We are afraid of our gods. We sacrifice goats, chickens, and fruit to make them happy so they will give us what we need. It doesn’t work!”

With her finger still wagging in Daddy’s face, she continued, “What took you so long to come tell us about this man you call Jesus? Why haven’t you come before now to tell us about this God who really loves us? We are very angry that you were so slow to come!”

Next month, we will finish Anne’s story. Millions are lost. May we sense the urgency of the moment and share hope in Christ with our neighbors, friends, and family members.


Many people are confused about the way to God. We have the truth. Give us courage and boldness to proclaim You until all have heard the good news. Let us not delay one moment

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sandy Wisdom-Martin serves as the executive director/treasurer for national WMU.