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Missions Discipleship

This Month’s Spotlight Update: John Bai

Although a global pandemic would have been enough by itself, it actually was one of many complex challenges 2020 brought to John Bai, his family, and church in Seattle, Washington. The death of an elder, heightened social tensions, and a decrease in the Bais’ income resulting from COVID’s impact were some others.

“COVID-19 is a big challenge for sharing the gospel,” John said. During this time, “we just share the gospel with the unbelievers we have already reached,” he said.

Despite the rough spots of 2020, God is working in lives. “Church members are continually growing in spirit,” John said. “More and more church members began to read [their] Bible regularly and [were] inspired by the Word of God.”

Pray church members would continue to stand strong on the truth of God’s Word.


Leigh Pritchett lives in the southeastern United States, a vast missions field.