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Missions Discipleship

This Month’s Spotlight Update: Anthony and Riley Driver*

Anthony and Riley ask your prayers for the following:

  • Our oldest son has moved away to attend boarding school for his last years of high school. Pray for our family in this transition.
  • Pray for our neighbors. Pray for the family of Samina to be even more open to the gospel. Pray they would have the courage to take the final step of faith.
  • Pray for security. Things in our part of the world continue to slide in a direction of insecurity. Pray peace would come eventually to these people.
  • Pray for the protection of local believers. They are under the constant threat of persecution. They have everything to lose, yet they know they have gained everything.
  • Pray for more workers to engage people around this country. Many have left over the last few years. Pray for more faithful witnesses.
  • Thank God with us for a chance to return yet again to this country. It is home. It is where we want to be. It is where we believe God has placed us.
  • Praise God for new teammates. We have desired new people to join our work, and now we have two new families in our town with us.

Sherye Green is passionate about sharing “hope-filled words for the soul.” She and her husband attend First Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.