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On the Journey


I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has brought trouble. We really shouldn’t be surprised because in John 16:33b, God gives us warning that in this world we will have trouble. Yes, COVID-19 is trouble, but His Word doesn’t leave us there. He follows up that warning with encouragement. He tells us to take heart and be courageous because He has overcome the world.

In my last article, I encouraged you to tune into what God might be saying to you; as He speaks truth, and imparts wisdom and calm into our lives. I encouraged you to stay in God’s Word and listen for that still small voice; to pray for our nation, for one another and for our missionaries. I also encouraged you to check on your neighbors.

How have you been using this time? I’ll tell you some things I have been doing:

  • Daily I have been praying for pastors and missionaries by prayer prompts from national and Kentucky WMU. I’m praying through the alphabet for all our missionaries with Jon Auten each day. Today was L for Love; praying our missionaries will display God’s love along with their great faith because without love, we are nothing.
  • Since church services are online, I’ve taken the opportunity to listen to 4-6 sermons each week. (Don’t judge, it takes a little more for some of us ;)). A Texas pastor reminded us God is still on the throne. I was assured of that when a Kentucky pastor reported six salvations online yesterday! He said, “Churches might be empty, but the word of God will always prosper wherever and however He sends it! Now that’s worthy of some virtual praise!” And, I agree!
  • At the end of March, I was to speak at South Carolina WMU’s Missions Encounter and Annual Meeting and lead a conference. By God’s design, I had just led the same conference in Indiana during Transformed. I had made cutesy things to give to attendees that went along with the conference. I made several because I knew if I didn’t use them all in Indiana, I could use them in South Carolina, but South Carolina had to cancel. What do I do with the extras? I decided to bless my neighbors by expressing Jesus loves them over the moon . . . with a moon pie, of course! And what a blessing it was! For me and for them! On my walk, I found encouragement through sidewalk chalk. I decided they were an M&M . . . a marvelous missionary! 
  • I’ve enjoyed a prayer group that meets via Zoom on Tuesday nights with women from Vietnam, Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. We have prayer in five languages! Amazing!
  • I’ve joined a Bible study with women from Georgia.
  • I was encouraged by a Facebook friend to listen to a concert by The Collingsworth Family. They were awesome but their message was even better as they sang how, “God is bigger than all my problems, bigger that all my fears, God is bigger than any mountain that I can or cannot see.” Jesus is calling you to seek Him with all your heart during this time. So, slow down and spend some time with the Lord. Journey with Him.

Yes, COVID-19 has brought us some trouble but we are taking heart because we KNOW and are trusting in the One who has overcome the world . . . On the Journey.


Written by Linda Cooper, national WMU president