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Summer Isn’t for Boredom!

“I’m bored!”

“Me too.”

“There’s nothing to do around here!”

Have you ever heard your children say something like that, especially during the summer after school is out and before summer camp takes place?

Most parents have heard their children or the children in their missions groups complain about being bored during the summer.

Here are a few ways to get your boys and girls up and moving and serving others during the lazier days of summer.


  • Round up your children and head over to a senior adult’s home. Many senior adults aren’t able to get out much, not even to church. Sing a few songs, take a few cookies, and present the senior adults with some kid-drawn artwork. Your children will make a great impact on the lives of the senior adults in your church or community with these simple acts of service.


  • When was the last time you received a handwritten note or card? Purchase some inexpensive stationery or postcards. Take a few minutes with your children to write a note to an international or North American missionary. Write an encouraging note to your pastor or church staff.


  • Set up a neighborhood lemonade stand. Ask fellow parents to donate items needed for a successful stand. Don’t sell the lemonade! Instead, serve lemonade to walkers, runners, and others who stop by. Let those who stop know that you are offering them a little something cool in Jesus’ name.


  • If you live in a metropolitan area with a subway or train system, go as a group (with extra adult supervision, of course) for a train ride around the city. Share smiles with fellow travelers. Sing songs between stops. Be a ray of sunshine to those tired commuters heading to or from work.


  • Want to encourage someone special to the WMU family? On May 25, Mrs. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, the executive director-treasurer for national WMU in Birmingham, Alabama, celebrates her birthday. Imagine Sandy’s surprise if her mailbox were overflowing with hundreds of cards or letters from GAs, RAs, and CAs! If you’d like to drop Sandy a belated birthday note, please send to: Mrs. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, National WMU, P.O. Box 830010, Birmingham, AL 35283-0083.


Yes, summer often moves at a slower pace. That’s OK. A little rest is good for everyone. But don’t let summer become a time of boredom. Get up. Get moving. Find ways to bless others in Jesus’ name.