July 2023 Spotlight Update Briggs
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Spotlight Update: Randall and Liz Briggs in Thailand

The Briggs family, who served migrant workers from Myanmar in Thailand, have been able to move back into Myanmar and have begun sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the people they meet.

“Buddhism is the predominant religion in Myanmar and Thailand,” shared Liz, who works with her husband, Randall, and their children in Southeast Asia.

Before sunrise, chanting of the monks in the pagoda rises, and people practice their religion all day. “They wake and make offerings of small food items and incense on the idol shelf in their home,” Liz explained. They head to the pagoda to offer food and incense and recite or meditate before a Buddha idol. In the evenings, they light candles and recite and chant at home, once again, in front of their idol shelf. “Religion is everywhere in their culture and life.”

Although reaching hearts for Christ in Southeast Asia is difficult, many Buddhists will accept Christian prayer for the sick, for those without jobs, or a blessing for their children. “We have found prayers to be powerful.”

And doors open. People are amazed to then hear about a God who loves them and about the creation story. According to Liz, when they hear about the fall of man and Satan, they understand why the world is sinful and broken.

“Whether we see fruit or not, we remain faithful to Him who called us,” said Liz. “And through long years, we see points of grace and light as the Lord answers the prayers.”

by Shelli Littleton