April 2023 Spotlight Update
Missions Discipleship

Spotlight Update: Michael and Traci Byrd in Saint Louis, Missouri

Michael and Traci Byrd and Faith Community Bible Church of North Saint Louis, Missouri, are preparing to send out another church planter this upcoming September. “There’s been an intentional effort to live on mission,” said Michael. “Our members are grabbing hold of it and inviting others into it.”

The Byrd family is prioritizing being in the Word of God together even more. “God has been knitting our hearts together not only for Him but also for one another,” Michael shared. “We’re trying intentionally to be present with one another while also pushing one another to mature spiritually.”

God has answered prayer, as the Byrds’ spiritual strength and their ministry’s reach have continued to grow. “As we move ahead in 2023, join us in praying for our oldest children — that God would keep them focused as they live life and also that He would restore the joy of salvation to them,” Michael said.

The Byrds aim to continue developing men and women who are growing in the gospel. “As a church, we are praying we can foster a community that invokes reverence, adoration, and submission to Christ,” Michael said. “Through missional living, robust worship, and discipleship, we desire to see people come to know the Lord.”