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Spotlight Update: J. D. Fasolino

The following update is in J. D.’s own words:

Thank you for continuing to pray with and for us. Life has been slowly coming to a “new normal,” as it has been everywhere. In Toronto, we just started what they call step 3 of the reopening plan. We are now allowed to go into restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and other places that are now open. This has given us a better sense of what to expect and how we can continue doing ministry.

We started in-person services just a few weeks ago after a third lockdown. We are still trying to balance worship services being held both in person and online. (We think it will be a way to continue connecting with others from now on.) Please pray for wisdom to continue doing this. Other activities we do, such as prayer meetings and Bible studies, continue to be online only.

Our family is doing well. My wife is back to work after a few weeks of another COVID lockdown, praise the Lord. Our youngest, David, will start school (junior kindergarten) in September, and Daniel will be in second grade. Last year he did online only. Please pray for a smooth transition for Daniel and for a great start to school life for David. Please pray for my strength and for encouragement in this new season.

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