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Spotlight Update: Arc and Rachel Crownover

Arc and Rachel Crownover have served in North Germany for eight years. The Crownovers have four children: Uriah, Noa, Hananiah, and Malachi.

The Crownovers focus on church planting in Bremen, along with sharing the gospel with neighbors and friends. Their kids also play an important role in their ministry.

“Our kids love people and having friends,” Rachel said. “They open the door to so many families hearing the gospel just because they want to play with other kids.”

Before living in Bremen, the family lived in Hamburg, at that time, Uriah was in kindergarten. Rachel said Uriah befriended a bully in his class after encouragement from Arc and Rachel to share the love of Jesus with him.

A few weeks after getting to know his classmate better, Uriah’s teacher took notice and told Arc and Rachel.

“Uriah told her he was trying to show the boy the same love that Jesus showed others,” Arc said. “She was just so astonished and was telling us how proud she was of Uriah. This interaction opened up great opportunities to share the gospel.”

Pray for Arc, Rachel, and their children to have more opportunities to share the gospel with those who call North Germany home.

Kayla Swanson is a former IMB Journeyman who served in South Asia. She currently works in Nashville, Tennessee, as an administrative assistant and in her spare time enjoys writing, reading and spending time with family.