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Spotlight Update: Anders Snyder in Nampa, Idaho

Church planter Anders Snyder says persevering in prayer for Nampa, Idaho, takes patience. When he and his wife, Jessica, arrived in Nampa a little over four years ago, a mother asked them to pray for her son, James*, a man in his 30s who was struggling with substance abuse and struggling to hold a job. He knew a little about Jesus but held other worldviews.

Anders described James’s mother as a faithful member of Calvary. “She is one of these praying mothers who is an example of that persistent widow who just comes and comes and comes. And she’s been having all of us in community groups and at church praying for her son, who’s just been wandering out in the world without really any orientation to what’s up, what’s down.”

 James started attending church more, and his demeanor and vocabulary changed. He asked Anders about baptism. Anders and another man met with James, and he came to faith in Jesus.

Anders said, “Everybody could say, ‘I’ve had a part in this,’ because he was just so integrated into our community. A lot of people have had touches on this young man’s life and could feel a part of God’s work to save him.”

Anders Synder, a church replanter, is featured in the January 2022 Missions Mosaic This Month’s Spotlight article. To subscribe to this monthly women’s missions lifestyle magazine, visit wmustore.com.

Claudean Boatman is the volunteer Colorado WMU executive director.