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Reach Out to Refugee Families with Preschoolers

The Bible thought we’ve used with preschoolers throughout our focus through Project HELP: Refugees is Be kind and show love to others (see Lev. 19:33–34).

During this year, we have looked at ways to pray for refugees and give our time and resources to help them.

Now it is time, as leaders, to put the Bible thought above into action by ministering to the needs of refugee families who have preschoolers.

Visit a local ministry location that serves refugees. Observe what they do and find ways that you can help. If your town is not a refugee resettlement area, contact your state WMU for ways to be involved.

Take part in the refugee simulation Displaced: Seeking Home to learn what refugees experience as they go through the resettlement process in the United States. Look for ways to use your skills in helping refugees as they begin their lives in a new place.

    • Go along to help with paperwork. Help to fill out forms at a doctor’s office, job application, or in registering their child for school.
    • Volunteer in after-school tutoring.
    • Learn to teach English through a local English as a Second Language program.
    • Volunteer to watch preschoolers as their parents attend English as a Second Language classes.
    • Give rides to doctor or dentist appointments.
    • Go with a refugee family as they look at a childcare facility for their preschooler.
    • Help a refugee navigate their way through the grocery store or a discount store.
    • Meet a refugee family at a park or playground.
    • Take a refugee family to the library to secure library cards and for preschool story time.

As you go, share kindness in the name of Jesus. Pray for opportunities to share your faith in Christ.

As you develop relationships, invite a refugee family to church activities. Invite them to worship services, even if they are of another faith background.

Ask God to shine through the kindnesses you give and for His love to show as you go to serve others.

Joye Smith is the WMU Preschool Ministry Consultant.