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Missions Discipleship

Plan Summer Events to Keep Children Coming

During the summer months, it’s easy to let things slide. Vacations are in full swing and children are out of school. And who could turn down hanging out by the pool on a hot summer day?

I’m all for a little sunshine and relaxation, but why not make it a missions moment as well?

Here are a few suggestions to stay on the ball with missions education this summer.

Pool Party

Start the summer off right with a pool party! Search for a pool courtesy of a church member, neighbor, friend, family member, or community center, and invite your missions crew for the afternoon. (Make sure to provide plenty of chaperones and a lifeguard.) Ask people in your church to pitch in for food and drinks and maybe set aside a few dollars to support our friends at Pure Water, Pure Love  as well. There’s no better time to talk about the importance of clean water around the world than at a pool party!

Water Games

Find a large, open field with plenty of room to run. Load up with a few tubs of water and different types/sizes of containers, and invite your missions group out for a day of water fun! To make this event complete, set up a couple of umbrellas and lawn chairs for parents to enjoy the action in the shade. Do an online search to find some water game ideas here. After the fun, take some time in the shade to talk about missionaries around the world who must overcome fear, despair, and oppression as they share the living water of Christ.

Summer Snowball Games

If you’re in need of a little frost-fest, a summertime snowball game is always a good idea. See if you can find a snow cone stand in town, and ask if they would be willing to donate the “snow.” If that doesn’t work, throw some ice in the blender for a ready-made arctic flurry. Bring coolers of this frosty stuff to a backyard near you, and invite your missions group over for an afternoon of mid-summer arctic tundra fun! When the snow decides to go, ask everyone to freeze where they are for a quick update on a missionary story.

by Heather Keller