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Phoebe, Living Authentic Faith in Christ

“I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a servant of the church in Cenchreae. So you should welcome her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the saints and assist her in whatever matter she may require your help. For indeed she has been a benefactor of many—and of me also.” (Romans 16:1-2, CSB)

Are you relentless in praying and serving the Lord? This is a question I often need to ask myself. What does relentless authentic faith in Christ look like in women today? We are given some clues when we look at different women in the Bible who lived out their faith in Christ.

At the end of his letter to the Roman churches, Paul named eight women who deserved to be greeted or treated with respect. The first woman named was Phoebe. We learn that Phoebe was a servant, a helper, and a benefactor. Reread the verses listed above. Think of the servant jobs people in your church perform as service to the Lord. Phoebe was heavily involved in serving in some of the same ways.

Most importantly, Paul recognized Phoebe’s authentic faith in Christ. Paul met Phoebe while he was in Corinth. She lived and served in a church at Cenchrea, which was about six-to-eight miles from Corinth. Apparently, Phoebe was wealthy and spent her resources on the Lord’s work. This was obvious since Paul named her as a benefactor to others and to himself. Some biblical scholars believe she delivered the letter from Corinth to Rome.

We learn from Phoebe to give ourselves in heartfelt service to the Lord and to the church. Using our God-given gifts, talents, and resources, we are to show authentic faith in Jesus and help however and whenever we see a need or open door. God will provide opportunities for being a servant, a helper, or possibly a benefactor. Whether the task is working with preschoolers, helping in the church music ministry, or serving in the church ministry for the homeless, we should follow Phoebe’s example and be generously relentless as we live out our authentic faith in Jesus.


Father, thank You for loving us and sending Your Son Jesus Christ. Help us to serve You whole-heartedly and joyfully, knowing that our greatest reward is to spend eternity with Jesus. Give us courage and grace as we serve You by leading the preschoolers in our care. For Your glory and in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

by Brenda Morris