Dec 2022 Preschool web article
Missions Discipleship

One Bulletin Board + One Photo = A Mission Friends Invitation Idea!

December is a wonderful time to invite new preschoolers to join your Mission Friends class.

Use this idea with your December 2022 unit in Mission Friends Leader.



  1. Create the December bulletin board. Click here for the bulletin board sample, supply list, and directions.
  1. Print a copy of the “You Are Invited!” Invitation Template. Fill in the meeting time, day, and place. Then make copies on card stock and cut each sheet into two cards. Fold cards in half to make invitations.
  1. Arrange your Mission Friends near the bulletin board and take a picture of them with a digital camera. Print copies of the picture. Caution: Follow your church’s guidelines for taking and sharing photos of preschoolers.
  1. Invite preschoolers to decorate the cards with markers. Help glue a photo on each card. Place cards in envelopes.
  1. Distribute invitations. Here are some ideas for distributing invitations:
    • Send one home with each preschooler so he or she can give one to a friend or neighbor.
    • Ask at the church office for names and addresses of families with preschoolers. Address and mail a card to each family.
    • Carry invitations with you. Give one to families you see with preschoolers (at church, at work, while running errands, or in your neighborhood).

Get ready to welcome new preschoolers to Mission Friends!

by Janora Skeens