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October Spotlight Update: David and Julie Yngsdal

Missionaries David and Julie Yngsdal (INGS-doll) have experienced a tough season of ministry in the past couple years as the refugees they serve in Durban, South Africa, have faced trials of corruption, COVID-19, and lockdowns.

For this reason, the couple is extremely grateful for the clearance they received in the spring of 2021 to be stateside and receive some extra counseling and feedback related to the challenges they face in their work. This enabled them to return to the field in a healthier state to face what lay ahead. They also had the joy of having their two youngest sons join them during their summer break and help with the ministry.

 The Yngsdals wrote: “Through Send Relief and funds from our USA church, we are opening a refugee ministry center that will service the refugees in several different ways through community development and disaster relief projects. We hope to begin these in September and just go slowly to open it up to where the refugees can have sewing and [English as a second language] classes and use computers and printers to renew their refugee documents online (which they must do every six months).”