Introducing Missions Journey: Kids!

Every journey begins with one small step.

Take your children on a grand missions adventure with Missions Journey: Kids, a missions discipleship curriculum for children in grades 1–6.

Focusing on missions work both here in the US and throughout the world, Missions Journey: Kids will captivate your children’s minds and hearts as they learn about the different avenues Christians use to share the gospel with the nations.

With a leader’s guide, full-color poster kit, and a magazine for children, you and your children can immerse yourselves in a new culture each month, discover God’s plan for missions, and explore the tools missionaries use to reach the people God has called them to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Missions Journey: Kids is our missions discipleship curriculum for teaching and discipling children in grades 1–6, including Girls in Action (GA), Royal Ambassadors (RA), or Children in Action (CA)  groups.

Focusing on missions work in the US and throughout the world, Missions Journey: Kids will captivate your children’s minds and hearts as they explore the lives of heroes of the faith, from contemporary missionaries to the great men and women of the Bible.

Missions Journey: Kids is designed to give you flexibility to create missions discipleship experiences tailored to fit your church’s needs. Every lesson is easily adaptable, whether your group is large or small, or if you lead girls, boys, or a coed group.

With its balanced blend of missions discipleship and Bible study, Missions Journey: Kids can also be used for small group discipleship classes, children’s church, and Christian schools that wish to add weekly missions discipleship lessons to their existing programming.

Missions Journey: Kids was created in response to the requests of churches and missions discipleship leaders throughout the SBC.

Leaders of GA, RA, and CA asked us for more robust Bible study and in-depth mission study delivered in a simplified format. And, CA leaders asked for a resource for their children, similar to GA World and RA World.

Additionally, we wanted to deliver on these requests while honoring your church’s stewardship efforts by keeping your cost as low as possible. By streamlining the three children’s curriculum product lines into one product line, we were able to do so.

YES! We are committed to Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action missions discipleship groups.

We will also continue to create and carry special resources for GA, RA, and CA, including badges and patches, achievement plans, and identity items.

Consider Missions Journey: Kids your one-stop shop for every missions discipleship group.

In each month’s unit, you will find suggestions for extra activities for GA, RA, and CA, ideas for earning badges and patches, tips for working through individualized achievement plans, and more.

Three quarterly pieces are available in the Missions Journey: Kids series.

Missions Journey: Kids Leader 

Missions Journey: Kids Leader is your guide to leading children grades 1–6 in missions discipleship. This quarterly guide provides three month-long units, each focused on the work of missions personnel in North America and throughout the world. Weekly lessons focus on different aspects of missions discipleship, while the thread of the biblical foundation of missions, including Scripture memorization, are woven throughout each lesson. Leaders will appreciate the step-by-step format in each lesson plan, at-a-glance supply lists and prep tips, suggestions for alternative ways to lead classes (such as digital learning), tips for customizing lessons, and  bonus activities for the children’s missions groups Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action.

Purchase one for each leader.

Missions Journey: Kids Leader

Missions Journey: Kids Leader Kit contains full-color posters, games, and activities that coordinate with the lesson plans in Missions Journey: Kids Leader. The quarterly kit contains a map of the missions area, a missions photo, and a memory verse poster for each monthly unit. These posters will help leaders create an interactive learning environment. In addition to the maps, photos, and Scripture posters, leaders will appreciate having a variety of ready-made, reusable fun games and activities to engage their children’s imaginations as they learn about missions around the world.

Purchase one for each class.

Missions Journey: Kids Adventure

Missions Journey: Kids Adventure is a full-color activity book for children in grades 1–6. Including mission stories, prayer prompts, games, puzzles, recipes, and coloring pages that are coordinated with the weekly Missions Journey: Kids Leader lesson plans, Missions Journey: Kids Adventure will get children excited about learning!

Purchase one for each child.

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Missions Journey: Kids Leader
Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues)
Purchase one print, digital, or bundle subscription per leader.
Print: $26.99
Digital: $24.99
Digital/Print Bundle: $30.99

Missions Journey: Kids Adventure
Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues)
Purchase one per child.
Print: $16.99

Missions Journey: Kids Leader Kit
Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues)
Purchase one per classroom
Print: 54.99