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Missions Inspiration & This Month’s Spotlight Update: Week of Prayer for North American Missions

It was almost more than Cindy* could handle. Her husband was in the hospital, and her daughter was sick too.

So she shared her burden with a couple at her workplace—Simon and Asiya. And it just so happened Simon and Asiya were Christians.

“Asiya shared Cindy’s prayer need during our Wednesday Zoom Bible study and prayertime, and we all started praying for Cindy and her family,” said Shahid Kamal, who planted South Asian Community Church in metro Vancouver in 2016.

Not long after, Cindy’s daughter got better, and so did her husband—and Cindy decided to give church a try. She was afraid her husband would be angry—his background was of a different religion.

“But she was amazed that he didn’t say anything,” Shahid said.

And when Shahid talked and prayed with her after the service, she told him that she felt drawn to the church.

“She felt peace in her heart while she was in church and did not feel judged,” he said. “She felt accepted and loved. On that Wednesday, she joined in our Zoom Bible study and prayertime, and she was praising God, saying her husband also wanted to come to church.”


(*Name changed.)

Shahid and Maroofa Kamal are featured as part of the Week of Prayer for North American Missions in the March 2021 Missions Mosaic Missions Inspiration & This Month’s Spotlight article. To subscribe to this monthly missions lifestyle magazine, visit


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