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Why Missions Discipleship Is Important for Boys

As a high school senior, the primary outlet I used to explore my call to ministry was being the RA leader at our church. Teaching that small group of boys about missions helped me see I wanted to do this my entire life.” —Dr. Michael Cabel, assistant to the executive director for convention relations, Kentucky Baptist Convention

Now more than ever, the Church must commit to discipling boys as they follow Jesus and live on mission. By developing missions discipleship groups for boys, you create firsthand experiences that will mobilize them to live each day as ambassadors for Christ.

Through missions discipleship, boys will:
• develop a biblical worldview,
• explore ways to demonstrate the love of Christ to others,
• discover how God is working around the world,< • learn they are a part of God’s plan, and • have fun participating in activities specifically geared for boys.

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What is Royal Ambassadors?

Royal Ambassadors (RA) is a missions discipleship group for boys in grades 1–6.

RA provides an opportunity for boys to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally with others through missions involvement and character development.

The purpose of RA is to lead boys to:
• become well-informed, responsible followers of Christ,
• have a Christlike concern for all people,
• learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world,
• work with others in sharing Christ, and
• keep themselves clean and healthy in mind and body.

How to Start Challengers

1. Pray.
2. Meet with your pastor and student minister to pray together about starting RA in your church.
3. Determine how many Challengers groups and leaders you will need based on the size of your church.
4. Order Missions Journey: Students for your group.
5. Meet with your leaders to organize and make plans.
6. Begin promoting 6–8 weeks before you plan to get started.

For more information about starting myMISSION, visit (select “myMISSION”).

To learn more about leading myMISSION, visit

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For questions about starting or leading Royal Ambassadors:

National WMU: Contact Stephanie Newton, lead strategist for adults and multicultural audiences, at or (205) 991-4017.

State WMU: Find links to state WMU websites at

Contact your local Baptist association, your state WMU office, or national WMU for training opportunities.

Resources for Boys

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Watch your boys develop a heart for missions as they discover how missionaries are reaching the world around them. While studying missions here in the United States and around the world, boys will learn how they can get involved through praying, giving, and serving.

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Missions Journey: Kids Leader

Missions Journey: Kids Leader is your guide to leading children in grades 1–6 in missions discipleship. This quarterly guide provides three monthlong units, each focused on the work of missions personnel in North America and throughout the world.

Order one per leader.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues):

• Print: $26.99

• Digital: $24.99

• Digital/Print bundle: $30.99 Prices subject to change

Missions Journey: Kids Adventure

Missions Journey: Kids Adventure is a full-color activity book for children in grades 1–6. Including mission stories, prayer prompts, games, puzzles, recipes, and coloring pages that are coordinated with the weekly Missions Journey: Kids Leader lesson plans, Missions Journey: Kids Adventure will get children excited about learning! 

Order one per child. Annual subscription (4 quarterly print issues): $16.99 

Price subject to change.

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Missions Journey: Kids Leader Kit

Missions Journey: Kids Leader Kit contains full-color posters, games, and activities that coordinate with the lesson plans in Missions Journey: Kids Leader. The quarterly kit contains a map of the missions area, a missions photo poster, and a memory verse poster for each monthly unit. Order one per group. Annual subscription (4 quarterly print issues): $54.99 Price subject to change