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Why Missions Discipleship Is Important for Young Women

"The ability to follow God's will in spreading the wonderful news of His Son's sacrifice for our sins has given a joy to my sould like nothing else. Hrlpinh missionaries across the globe with money, prayers, and resources is a blessing to me more than to them."
- Christinia Rodrigquez-Pavon

From 18-34 years of age, young women experience mulitple transitions. Some go to college while others enter directly into the workforce. Some purchase houses while others enjoy having freedom to move around. Some begin establishing families while others move forward in life single. It frequently seems that change is the only constant during these years.

Missions Discipleship for young women is particularly important to help them develop a missional mindset.

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Missions discipleship leads young women to lives of deeper devotion as they live out their relationship with Christ through missions involvement, Bible study, and prayer.

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Table of Contents

What is myMISSION?

myMISSION is WMU's missions discipleship group for young women. my MISSION's purpose is to teach young women to follow Jesus by serving others and sharing the gospel in word and deed. As they build community, these women explore their faith together and participate in hand-on mission projects.

By leading young women to learn about missions, pray for and give to missions, and do missions by engaging in missions activities, myMISSION strives to create an environment where young women can build relationships that send them into a lost world.

How to Start myMISSION

  1. Plan.
    Choose a time and location to begin meeting.
  2. Choose resources.
    Review the sample included in this starter pack and talk to others about the options.
  3. Order Resources.
    Order copies of Missions Mosaic and see information about a free monthly downloadable Bible study and mission project on p. 3 of this myMISSION Starter Pack.
  4. Promote.
    Advertise your group through flyers, bulletin boards, social media, personal invitations, and email, as well as on college campuses.
  5. Share.
    Be passionate about the group's purpose and how young women can engage in helping others and sharing Christ.
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For more information about starting myMISSION, visit (select “myMISSION”).

To learn more about leading myMISSION, visit

Join our online community:

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For questions about starting or leading myMISSION:

National WMU: Contact Stephanie Newton, lead strategist for adults and multicultural audiences, at or (205) 991-4017.

State WMU: Find links to state WMU websites at

Contact your local Baptist association, your state WMU office, or national WMU for training opportunities.

Resources for
Young Women

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myMISSION: Bible Study and Faith in Action

Visit and scroll down to the myMISSION tab for a free downloadable monthly Bible study and missions project.

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Missions Mosaic

Explore. Build. Pursue. Missions Mosaic guides you to explore discipleship, build a biblical worldview of God’s missions purpose, and pursue an unshakable relationship with Him. Each monthly issue will equip you with a Bible study, a prayer starter, ministry ideas, evangelism tools, and Prayer Patterns—daily devotions followed by the names of missionaries listed by their birthdays.

Order one per person.
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• Print: $22.99
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