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Why Missions Discipleship Is Important for Teenage Boys

“How awesome it is to watch God work in the hearts of these little ones and see them grow in Christ.” —Roberta Richardson
“Those little folks exude excitement when they learn about Jesus and pray for the missionaries!” —Mission Friends teacher

The journey to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission begins as you lead your preschoolers to grow in missions. Preschoolers come to understand that God loves me, God loves all people, and some people do not know about God’s love.

Preschoolers can learn about missions through
• Bible thoughts related to missions,
• fun hands-on activities,
• mission stories,
• cultural learning activities,
• sensory activities,
• prayertimes,
• giving offerings, and
• helping others.

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What is Challengers?

Mission Friends is the WMU missions discipleship group for preschoolers from birth through kindergarten. In Mission Friends, preschoolers develop a missions heart as they move from a focus on themselves to a focus on others. Preschoolers grow toward God as they become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love.

You can teach your preschoolers about missions by helping them

• learn about missions work in North America and around the world,

• pray for missionaries and people who need to hear of God’s love,

• give to missions through cooperative giving and special missions offerings, and

• do missions by helping others in your church, your community, and around the world.

How to Start Mission Friends

Begin with prayer.
Make prayer a part of each step in starting and leading Mission Friends.
Select leaders.
Based on the number of preschoolers expected, secure the number of leaders you will need.
Order materials.
Place your order for Mission Friends curriculum by visiting wmustore.com/ preschool or calling 1-800-968-7301.
Invite preschoolers.
Let parents of preschoolers know Mission Friends is starting by sharing in your church newsletter and on social media.
Plan fun activities from Mission Friends Leader for your first session and gather supplies. Greet preschoolers with a smile and enjoy leading them to develop a heart for missions.
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For more information about starting myMISSION, visit wmu.com/adults (select “myMISSION”).

To learn more about leading myMISSION, visit wmu.com/howtoleadadults.

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For questions about starting or leading Mission Friends:

National WMU: Contact Joye Smith, lead strategist for adults and multicultural audiences, at jsmith@wmu.org or (205) 991-4980.

State WMU: Find links to state WMU websites at wmu.com/statecontacts.

Contact your local Baptist association, your state WMU office, or national WMU for training opportunities.