Missions in a Box

Missions in a Box, designed for boys and girls aged 6–12, is an interactive product to make missions come alive as a family. As you engage with your child in a new culture, you’ll learn about traditions, cuisine, games, arts and crafts, as well as missions work happening there—all while having a great time together. It’s perfect for homeschool families looking to add a missional element to their curriculum or families wanting to learn more about missions around the world.

Each box is purchased separately and delivered directly to your home. It includes a set of laminated, spiral-bound family activity cards, an interactive children’s booklet with stickers, art supplies for one craft, and a colorful, stitched patch. Your child will eagerly await the arrival of a new box in the mail!

Whether you’re a homeschooling mom or a parent looking to engage your child in missions, adventure is calling! As you read, cook, play, and create together, Missions in a Box lets your family experience a new culture while learning how people all over the world are coming to know about God’s love.

We would love to hear your first-hand experience with Missions in a Box. Send an email to hkeller@wmu.org about your missions adventure. 

Missions in a Box Nigeria webcvr

Missions in a Box: Nigeria

Whether at home or at church, your children will be inspired as they journey through Nigeria, its culture, and the work missionaries are doing among the people of Nigeria. These fun and educational activities, stories, and games will keep your children excited and engaged as they explore this beautiful country.

This box includes the following items:

  • a leader/parent guide
  • informational activity cards
  • an activity booklet (sold separately) with crafts, recipes, and games
  • a colorful and fun gameboard with learn and pray cards
  • a map highlighting Nigeria’s nature, landmarks, and exports
  • Join with countless others and be a part of the missions efforts in Nigeria through these prayer, outreach, and learning activities!

Missions in a Box: Japan

Take a Japanese adventure with Missions in a Box: Japan! This entertaining box gives children the opportunity to explore missions in Japan with their families or with a group. Send children on a journey through Japan, its culture, and the work missionaries are doing among the Japanese people. Missions in a Box: Japan includes games, stickers, activity cards, and an activity booklet. If you will be exploring Missions in a Box: Japan with more than one child, you can purchase additional activity booklets separately.

Free Downloads
  • Collage Template: Use this template with the “Sky, Mountain, and Waves Collage” activity card.
  • Funny Fish Template: Use this template with the “Salt Water Funny Fish” activity card.
Audio Recordings

Play these audio recordings for children to listen along to the missionary and Bible story activity cards.