Feb 2023 OTJ
On the Journey

Making Disciples: Lives Transformed for Service

As we celebrate Focus on WMU this month, I want to say thank you on behalf of countless missionaries whose lives were transformed through missions discipleship efforts.

Feb 2023 OTJ photo Chuck
Chuck’s time in RA and listening outside the Acteens room influenced his decision to serve on the missions field.

Chuck grew up in Royal Ambassadors (RA). He said when he became a youth, several boys had girlfriends in Acteens. He pleaded with the Acteens leader to let boys join. She declined. However, she did allow the boys to sit beyond the open windows of the Acteens room and listen to the stories. He said eight boys went on to serve on the missions field because of the influence of RA and listening outside the Acteens room.

Leo grew up in Texas. Although his family moved quite often when he was a child, he always attended Royal Ambassadors. He said, “The faithful men in the churches where we were members instilled in me a deep interest in becoming a missionary.”

Margaret grew up in a dysfunctional family with a father who was addicted to alcohol. Her dad died when she was 12. Even though Margaret’s mother worked three jobs to care for the family, she made sure her children were in church on Sundays. Margaret said, “I particularly enjoyed [the] Girls’ Auxiliary (GA) mission program. I attained the highest achievement of Queen Regent in Service. More importantly, I became very interested in world missions. It was while attending GA camp that God called me to be a missionary. I am forever indebted to the faithful workers at that church for their godly influence in my life.”

Feb 2023 OTJ photo Jeff and Sharon
Jeff and his wife, Sharon, are thankful for the prayers and support of WMU throughout their time on the field.

Jeff cried as he told me about the birth of their premature daughter more than two decades ago. She was not thriving and was in fact dying. His birthday was two weeks after her birth. He said because of WMU’s prayers (specifically on his birthday) and gifts, their daughter just graduated with a master’s degree in math education. He concluded by saying, “We are thankful.”

Bob said, “If you want a catalyst — or [to] know how well missions is doing in a church — then follow WMU. You can visit a WMU group of a church and know that church is going to be connected into missions by not only praying for missionaries but supporting them as well.”

During Focus on WMU this month, may we be reminded that WMU’s focus is on making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.



Thank You for visioning pioneers who sacrificed time, talents, and resources to create a legacy of faith called WMU. May we be found faithful in imprinting Your mission on the hearts of future generations.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sandy Wisdom-Martin serves as the executive director/treasurer for national WMU.