Baptist Friendship House at WMU building
Compassion Ministries

Make an Impact with WorldCrafts

WorldCrafts, a WMU Compassion Ministry, is making an impact in the lives of artisans around the globe. Each WorldCrafts product represents a life changed by the opportunity to earn an income with dignity and to hear the offer of eternal hope.

This fall, hundreds of artisans from 16 artisan groups in 10 countries have been busy making new products and more of some of your favorite WorldCrafts products over the years. We are excited to offer these products, and the artisans are so grateful for the work that makes an impact on their families and communities.

One artisan partner, Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans, Louisiana, works to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the homeless, human trafficking survivors, and those living in poverty.

Baptist Friendship House is a registered Christian Women’s Job Corps site of national WMU. It offers tutoring for people wanting to obtain their high school equivalency diploma, computer skills classes, job readiness training, English as a second language classes, literacy classes, and life skills.

Baptist Friendship House offers group counseling for those it ministers to in New Orleans. The women make pottery and sublimation pieces as a part of their therapy sessions. This provides them an opportunity to learn a trade and earn fair wages. As they sit in a nonthreatening environment and make these products, they feel comfortable opening up and sharing. While they make things with their hands, they relax; walls come down, so they feel comfortable sharing. Sharing and getting those feelings out helps healing start.

Now these women have turned their hobby into a skill they can use to rebuild their lives.