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On the Journey

Listen and Have Faith

A strange thing happened to me recently. For some unknown reason, my husband and I were having problems with our home internet and cell service.

I was asked by the WMU Foundation to record a short video of myself expressing thanks to those who gave to the Foundation on Giving Tuesday. No problem. I LOVE thanking those who are sacrificially giving during the holiday season and in a pandemic year!

When I sent it, a notification came up that said it may be too large to send but I pushed “send” anyway. Cyberspace concerns me at times, especially when my skills are involved, so I decided to send it by text to Sandy in hopes she could then share it with the intended parties. When I checked my phone a few minutes later, Sandy had responded: “Linda – did you mean to send the video to Ronnie?” (as in Dr. Ronnie Floyd, president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee)! Hmmm, why would Sandy ask such an odd question?

Then I saw the message from Dr. Ronnie Floyd: “I like it! Not sure you intended to send to me, but I like it. Appreciate both of you!” Oh my!!! How embarrassing! About that time, my husband called to say something really weird had happened to him that morning. He sent a message to someone and it went to the dental office where I work! Yes, we were having internet issues for sure!!!

I apologized for the interruption to Dr. Floyd’s busy day (he was so gracious), endured being Sandy’s good laugh for the day, and was off to work. As I drove, I began to think about Dr. Floyd’s response: “Not sure you intended to send to me.”

With Christmas just a few weeks ago, it made me think of Mary when the angel Gabriel was sent to tell her she would conceive and have a son, and would call him Jesus. Mary must have thought surely this message was not intended for her, as she said, “How can this be, seeing I am a virgin?” For a 14-16 year old, ordinary girl, that message had to be scary at best!

Gabriel explained how it was to be. Then in Luke 1:38, “Mary answered, ‘I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you’ve said happen to me.’” Wow, what faith. I often wonder what my reaction would have been.

You know, God is still speaking to people, today. What is He saying to you in this New Year? Is your response, “Is this message really for me?” Let’s be sure to listen, have faith, and be obedient saying, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you’ve said happen to me”…On the Journey.


Written by Linda Cooper