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St. Louis, Missouri


Michael y Traci Byrd

April 2023 Monthly Focus Byrd 2
April 2023 Monthly Focus Byrd 1

Michael and Traci Byrd consider it a privilege to serve their community of North Saint Louis, Missouri, through their church plant, Faith Community Bible Church. Its mission is to make Christ known in the community by caring for the community.

“Within a three-mile radius, our community is 91 percent African American; 99.1 percent English speaking; 61 percent single-parent homes,” reported Michael. “Our community is a predominantly ‘Christian’ community with a form of godliness but at times seems to lack the power of God. With the average median income in our area being less than $30,000 a year, our biggest community needs are gospel centrality, care, and life skills.”

Faith Community Bible Church meets those needs by intentionally creating a place where people in the community can count on receiving care and unconditional love and support. “Through life on life, Sunday gathering, growth groups, and Wednesdays in the Word, we attempt to not only teach care but embody it,” Michael said.

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