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Missions Discipleship

Discovering Leaders for Mission Friends

It’s that time of year—inviting leaders to serve in Mission Friends. Your goal is to discover leaders who will engage preschoolers in fun and learning-filled missions experiences. But where should you begin?


Getting Started

Start by checking in with your current Mission Friends leaders. Are they willing to stay on as leaders? Would they prefer changing to a different role, age group, or level of responsibility? Do they have any suggestions of individuals who would make great Mission Friends leaders?

Look at your leadership needs based on suggested leader to child ratios.

  • Babies, ones, and twos require two leaders for up to 6 little ones. For more than 6 preschoolers, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 3 preschoolers.
  • Threes and fours should have two leaders for up to 10 preschoolers. For more than 10, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 5 preschoolers.
  • Kindergartners should have two leaders for up to 12 preschoolers. For more than 12, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 6 preschoolers.
  • Even if your classes are very small, it is recommended that you have at least two adult leaders in each class.

Decide how many leaders you need based on the number of preschoolers expected. For more help, view the article, Mission Friends Leadership, in the tab for How to Lead Mission Friends


What does a Mission Friends leader look like?

— People who have taught preschoolers in other settings

— Parents of preschoolers

— Grandparents of preschoolers

— Single adults who connect with preschoolers

— Adults of any age who love preschoolers


The key word in each description is preschoolers. People who love and enjoy working with preschoolers make awesome Mission Friends leaders.

Caution: As you prayerfully seek to fill the roles of Mission Friends leaders, always follow your church’s preschool and safety guidelines for leaders who work with preschoolers.


Now you are ready to follow these steps and discover Mission Friends leaders!


  1. PRAY

Prayerfully create a list of names as you pray over people that fit the above descriptions. Ask God to guide you and give you wisdom as you pray. Pray for the people you will be approaching. Ask God to speak into the heart of each potential leader and guide them to know how to respond.



Approach and ask the people from your list. Spend time sharing about Mission Friends leader roles. Answer questions and give simple explanations of how things work. Encourage potential leaders to pray about whether God wants to use them in this important ministry.



After you have your leader roles filled, prepare them with solid training.

  • Pray together for Mission Friends leaders, preschoolers, and their families.
  • Walk leaders through How to Lead Mission Friends.
  • Take them on a tour of the meeting areas and the resource room or supply closet.
  • Provide them with copies of Mission Friends Leader and Mission Friends Leader Kit. Help them plan and prepare for their first sessions.
  • Check with your state WMU to learn of training offered for Mission Friends leaders.
  • Invite new leaders to join current Mission Friends classes as a way to learn about Mission Friends.
  • Be available to offer assistance  and support as the new church year begins. Observe and see what other ways you can help make leaders successful in teaching preschoolers.


Written by Suzanne Krein