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Missions Discipleship

Celebrate Mission Friends During Focus on WMU

It’s time to celebrate the Mission Friends in your church! Start planning a celebration for Focus on WMU Sunday on February 20, 2022, or your church might celebrate Focus on WMU through the week of February 14-20, 2022. Make this a time to share how the preschoolers in your church are growing a missions heart through Mission Friends. Choose one or more of these ideas.


  • Make a video or slide presentation with pictures of Mission Friends as they are involved in missions learning activities. Action pictures such as this will resonate more with church members than a class picture of the group posed standing in a row. Share the video or slides in a Sunday service.
  • Ask a parent or two to share what their preschooler has learned in Mission Friends. They might tell how their preschoolers have grown in praying or giving to missions.
  • Make plans for a myMISSION or Women on Mission group to do a Helping Others activity with your Mission Friends. An inter-generational activity will bring blessings to all.
  • Share your story! Ask to take a minute in a Sunday service or in a young adult Bible study class to share why you teach Mission Friends.
  • Share about Mission Friends on your church’s social media, or ask the person who handles your church’s social media to post about Mission Friends.
  • Tell how your Mission Friends have shared God’s love with others through a Helping Others activity this year.


Celebrate Mission Friends in your church. Celebrate the many ways they grow as they learn about missions, pray for missions, support missions, and do missions.

Joye Smith is preschool consultant and Preschool Resource Team leader for national WMU. In her position, Joye encourages missions awareness and involvement of preschoolers by providing training, conferences, and consultation to preschool missions leaders. She takes joy in seeing preschoolers develop a heart for missions. Contact: