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Caring for the Soul

Adam and Trinity Wems* have been investing their lives in South Asia for 23 years, in perhaps the most religious country in the world. Because spiritual darkness prevails, Adam’s work as a movement-strengthening strategist for Soul Care is especially important for indigenous church planters.

Adam said, “We work primarily with church planters who are seeing movement and multiplication in their areas. Our main responsibilities are to train leaders to have healthy and deep relationships, so that the gospel that goes forth will remain healthy and deep.”

He said Soul Care is “basically taking care of your own soul,” the part of you that relates to God, others, and yourself. “Just as the body needs food, exercise, and rest, the soul needs rest—to slow down, to stop and meditate, to sit in silence,” Adam said. “Physical exercise is good for the soul, but so is laughter, singing in worship, grieving, etc. As with the body, the soul needs to be fed—[by the] the Word, beauty, [and] deep conversation with God and others.”

People who lead growing ministries in his country are busy, and often like leaders in the West, they think their work is too important for them to slow down. Adam said the challenge is getting them to see the need for rest.

“What they need to see is that their relationships with God, others, and themselves are too important for them not to slow down,” he said.

To encourage this personal growth, in the past they have held Soul Care Retreats, which allow leaders to build relationships, a significant part of Soul Care. Because COVID-19 has stopped all in-person gatherings, they are praying for the new way forward.

The Wemses ask we pray for God to call local partners to join them in training others in Soul Care. They also ask for wisdom in developing materials that will speak to the nationals in a transformative way. Adam prays Soul Care would become a normal part of every Christian leader’s life in South Asia.

 (*Names changed.)


Written by Georgia Herod

Spending six weeks in South Asia presenting teacher education and women’s ministry events gave Georgia Herod a fresh passion for taking the gospel to the peoples of the world.