Project Help Refugees
Missions Discipleship

Action Words

Pray. Give. Go. These are all verbs that express an action. Each of these words represents an action we can take. For Project HELP: Refugees, you have spent time in learning about the issue of refugees. You may have used Refugees: Forced to Flee Bible Study to learn of the accounts of refugees in the Bible. During the months when the missions focus in Mission Friends related to refugees, we hope you came to a deeper understanding of the issues refugees encounter when they leave their country and when they resettle.

This year our focus will shift to the actions we can take by praying, giving, and going. These are the ways that God leads us to respond to the needs. We respond in prayer for refugees and those who are serving them overseas and within North America. There are ways of giving, not only financially but also in our time and resources. We can go as we do things to help meet the needs within our own community, state, country, or world. Each quarter of this year, we will focus on one of these action words in an article to help you consider the actions you can take.

Consider taking your first action by taking the WMU Compassion Ministries mini course, Refugees: Forced to Flee.  This is a self-guided minicourse that gives an overview of the issues encountered by refugees. It includes training materials that you can use in your church, such as a slide presentation, posters, and flyers. Use these to gather a group of missions leaders in your church to learn about refugees and brainstorm actions your church will take to meet the needs.

As you gain knowledge of the needs of refugees, reflect on the ways God is leading you to respond. Follow His leading in using the action words of pray, give, and go.

by Joye Smith, Preschool consultant