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Compassion Ministries

3 Steps to Connect with WMU’s Compassion Ministries Partners in the United States

WMU’s compassion ministries offer you the opportunity to directly help suffering people throughout the world. Together we can bring assistance to those who live in poverty, offer hope to victims of human exploitation, create a sense of belonging and safety for refugees, provide relief to those in need of humanitarian aid, and support vulnerable children and the families who care for them.

WMU’s compassion ministries partners are partaking in essential work for people in need in the United States and across the globe. In Alabama, individuals are equipping women with essential skills to improve their lives. In Georgia, workers are providing a Christian context where women and men are equipped for life and employment. In North Carolina, The Bridge offers mentoring, education, accountability, and a safe setting to achieve goals. It’s easy to see that, throughout the country, compassion ministries partners are busy making the world better.

Our new program, Compassion Ministries Connections, is a way for groups, individuals, and churches to support some of WMU’s compassion ministries partners in the United States through support and prayer.

Here are 3 easy steps to befriend a partner ministry through Compassion Ministries Connections. 


Step 1: Find a group to support a ministry with.

This could be your WMU group, a small group, a group of friends, or even your church community.


Step 2: Get together with your group and select a partner.

Visit the Compassion Ministries Connections web page to browse our compassion ministries partners. Select a ministry partner your group wants to connect with. After you sign up with the form on the web page to connect with a compassion ministry partner, you will receive an email that will introduce you and your group to the ministry leader. You will be in direct contact with the ministry leader to see the best ways that you can pray for and support the ministry.


Step 3: Discover the best ways you can pray for and support the ministry you’ve chosen.

This could include providing ministry participants with a Valentine’s Day treat in February or celebrating participants graduating in May. Maybe you can provide notes of encouragement at the beginning of the program or sponsor a Christmas event in December.

Whatever you and your group decide on, we encourage you to connect with the ministry leaders at least quarterly to see how you can inspire their ministries. Know that, regardless of who you choose to partner with, you’ll be making a lasting impact in the life of a ministry.

Visit to learn more.