Mission Friends Leaders Summer Camp

2021 Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers–Day 3

Day 3 Photo 1The final day of our Summer Camp this year is fun day! What could be more fun at camp than singing camp songs? At camp there are silly songs to sing when your cabin walks together to the swimming hole, serious songs for flag raising, prayer songs to sing as the blessings at meals, worshipful songs to sing at vespers, and songs around the campfire. From morning to evening, there are fun songs to sing at camp.

Preschoolers love to sing! They respond to music and it is one of the ways they learn. Try it out and see how your Mission Friends respond when you sing that it’s time to clean up. Put a Bible thought to a tune, and preschoolers will learn the words easier. Sometimes a song can calm preschoolers. Or use a movement song at Group Time to help preschoolers get their wiggles out before telling the mission story.

Day 3 Download: Mission Friends Song

Start out the year by singing the Mission Friends Song with your group. Here are some ideas.

  • Download the Mission Friends Song to your phone or other device. Play it for your Mission Friends to hear as you teach the song to your preschoolers.
  • Feel more comfortable with the sheet music? To see the notes and words of the song, you can find the sheet music in Free Downloads at wmu.com/preschool
  • Sing the chorus with younger preschoolers. Older preschoolers can begin learning the verses.
  • Use the song to call your preschoolers to Group Time during each session.
  • Sing the song as you begin or end your Group Time.
  • Record a video of your group singing the Mission Friends Song. Play the video during pre-service slides in a church service or during a church fellowship time.
  • Sing the chorus, then have a preschooler tell one thing about this month’s missionary. Repeat until each preschooler has a turn.
Songs Suggested in Mission Friends Leader SingToTheTune W108103

When songs are suggested in Mission Friends Leader for the Music and Movement interest area, we refer to the page numbers of songs in the booklet, Sing to the Tune.  Any preschool leader can use Sing to the Tune, even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. The songs in the book use new words set to familiar tunes, such as “The Farmer in the Dell” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The songs are listed as they relate to the Christian concept areas used in Mission Friends. The book also includes finger plays, rhymes, and action songs.

Thank you! Bonus Download

Thank you for coming to Summer Camp for Mission Friends Leaders! As a bonus download, we have included the Mission Friends Overview 2021-22  for you to have a preview of the missions areas for the year.

Thank you for teaching and loving the Mission Friends in your church. May God bring blessings to you through teaching our little ones that God loves me, God loves all people, and God wants us to share His love with others.